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Free Lamborghini Anyone?

Unicity’s a special company — solid and stable with 20+ years and 30 countries — but still virtually unknown — so the possibilities are ENDLESS! It’s like a new company, but with old company money!

Khun Joe built his income from less than $10K/mo to $500K/mo in just 4 years time. And for achieving Triple Crown, Unicity gave him a Lamborghini — NO LEASE …. just the KEYS & TITLE!

We’re working to create our next wave of success stories in North America, Europe, The Caribbean, and Africa. My team is one of the fastest growing and most exciting in Unicity. People who work with us, make money — and have fun doing it!

Let’s talk possibilities. 713.581.4555 or http://www.TerrenceDGray.com

(NOTE: The foregoing statements are not guarantees of income. Individual results vary based on effort. Your success will be determined by your work.)

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Creating Success – T.Gray’s Update (December 2011)

It’s been almost 2 years with Unicity, and WE’RE ROCKING! As Presidential Diamond, my business is expanding across the globe — and the number of people we’ve helped to regulate their blood sugars, lower their cholesterol & blood pressure, and lose weight is STAGGERING!


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Christmas Shopping Money!

HOW’S THIS FOR CHRISTMAS SHOPPING MONEY … People on my team made a combined $37,500 in Team Builder Bonuses for November — MONEY THAT WILL BE IN THEIR POCKETS ON DEC. 15!

Here’s the reality — PEOPLE WHO WORK WITH US MAKE MONEY! Ready to do something meaningful, satisfying … AND MAKE MONEY?  Contact me today ….

For more information about Bios Life Slim, contact T.Gray at 713.581.4555 or tgray@terrencedgray.com.
T.Gray is looking for Sharp, Opportunity-Minded Professionals who wouldn’t mind creating a powerful income stream while getting the word out about Bios Life Slim, the Make Life Better Transformation Program, and Unicity International.   No Geographic Limitations.  Serious inquiries only.   Use the contact information above, or click here to learn more about T.Gray (http://www.terrencedgray.com/tgray.html)

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Winning: What’s It Take? — STAY in the game!

Network marketing is an amazing business.   You get to learn a lot about … people!

Here you have a business that doesn’t care about your background —

  • your education or lack of it,
  • your experience or lack of it,
  • your connections or the lack thereof,
  • your finances or if you’re a financial mess,
  • your successes or failures

… Everyone has a Fair Shot!

Yes, we’ve got some industry pros who succeed wherever they go because of the numbers they take with them.   But we’ve got more First Time success stories in this industry than anywhere else on earth.   More rags to riches stories.  More people going from homeless to a homestead.   More going from the outhouse to the penthouse because network marketing doesn’t discriminate against their current situation.

It’s an amazing industry because there are no limits on the money you can make.   Everybody starts at zero.   But you can hit $10,000/month or more in most opportunities within your first year.   And I actually have friends who have gone to  as high as $200,000 to $300,000/month in 4 years — in their FIRST COMPANY!

Like my friend Rasa in Thailand — she was born into struggle.   Poor family.   Watched her mama cry each night.   She joins her company and 4 years later she’s got Mom and Dad on a first class retirement.  And she’s sporting a million dollar custom Lamborghini!

But here’s the part that trips me out.

Even with those possibilities before them.   Even though you never hear stories like that about people who work traditional jobs — because it’s simply not possible.  So many people won’t commit to their own success.  They’ll quit in a couple of weeks to a couple of months because they didn’t get rich fast enough.  And they’ll go back to focusing on that job that they’ve been at for 15 years that still hasn’t made them rich and might not be there tomorrow.

Sadly, it’s these types of “commitment issues” that keep people mediocre.  Because you can’t do GREAT without Commitment!  You’ve got be In It To WIN IT — And You’ve Gotta STAY IN IT!

What’s it take to WIN?

My first real victory came after 2 1/2 years of real work.  Rasa’s came in 2 to 4 years.  And some of my other friends like Rick and Todd have made tens of millions by staying in the game for 15 years or more.

There’s a saying:  “95% of the people who stay with a company for 5 years or more will get to the top of the company.”  The problem is, 95% of people won’t stay at a company for 5 years or more.

Be a statistic.  A good statistic.  Here’s how:

  1. Find a SOLID & ESTABLISHED COMPANY that will be around for the next 10+ years
  2. Make sure there’s REAL UPSIDE potential — so that as you stay you can grow
  3. Plug into A SYSTEM and a TEAM that will go the distance with you

If you’re looking for that kind of a company, contact me immediately.   I’ve been looking over the past 2 years, and I finally found it.   And every day, more and more of the most professional people I’ve ever seen come together, join me in realizing that this is a place where you can make kind of commitment — to YOURSELF and YOUR FAMILY’S LEGACY!

Call me right away.  We’ll help you see HOW TO STAY and why this is a place that you CAN stay at.  347.668.9484

Then we’ll map out your plan, put our heads down, and start building your dream.



T.Gray has been WINNING and helping others WIN in network marketing since 2004.   Better yet, his partners have been WINNING for decades.

If YOU’RE LOOKING FOR A PLACE TO BUILD A LONG-TERM BUSINESS — a legacy that you can leave to your future generations — we should talk.

Our track record is impeccable.   Our company & management team have the highest credibility.   Our products makes sense, sell big, and really work.   Our compensation plan pays aggressively — for new people.   Our system is something YOU can do — even while you work your current job or business.

Call me today so we can DESIGN your success.  347.668.9484.

Or go to www.SuccessFromHome100.com for more information.


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Pillar 1 – Company/Management

[It’s 5 Pillars time again.   New to the game?  Check back each day and take 5 minutes to read the Pillar of the day.   Then identify yourself at the end with a 1, 2, or 3.  What’s that?  See you at the end…]

It seems like everybody’s trying to get in on the act.

You’ve got all these people who are very successful businessmen from Zig Ziglar to Donald Trump coming into to MLM.  I guess they think that since they’re sooooo successful in traditional business that this must be easy, quick money – a piece of cake.   But they’re not doing so hot.  Zig’s company bit the dust.  And Trump’s company is lethargic.   Why aren’t they winning?

Let’s face it.  MLM is it’s own beast.   It’s got it’s own dynamics.  It’s own special rules.    Frankly, if you haven’t been on both the distributor side AND the corporate side you’ve got no business running a network marketing company.  We can debate this ‘til the cows come home, but it’s been proven through history that every time it’s ever been tried without those qualifications it’s been a dismal and utter failure.  A total crash and burn.

Which brings me to Unicity’s leadership.  Here’s one thing that’s flat out impressive about this company:   Most people never make $22 Million in this industry – much less achieving that later in life – and still have the vigor and life left in you to go and run a company.   But that’s Unicity’s CEO, Stewart Hughes!

15 years in Wall Street Investment Banking.  Then a Monster Run at Unicity (nee Rexall) with Mr. Hughes locking up the top earner title.  And THEN pulling together the investor group to buy the company and take on the CEO role.  Talk about the Energizer Bunny!

What gets me is that Stewart is leading this thing for real – both at Corporate AND in the field.   He’s making the hard decisions at headquarters.  And he’s supporting the builder base.   Globally.

Business qualified.  Field Proven.   Battle Tested.  That’s a unique and compelling Management “Edge” that Unicity has that’s a key ingredient to success that a lot of companies simply don’t have.

Speaking of “a lot of companies”, check this out.   Do you know how many network direct sales / network marketing / mlm companies have been started since the 1950s?

Brace yourself.  51,000.  Yes! That’s a lot of companies.

But here’s the real shocker.  $100 Million/year is where Real Momentum hits and you have a long-term winner.   Guess how many of the 51,000 have ever hit $100 Million in sales/year?   This is gonna mess you up.  Ready?  Only 37!  Seriously.

Do the math.  That’s .00073.   Those are your odds of choosing a winner from amongst the startups.   You’re more likely to win the Scratch Off from your local gas station!  Better yet, take your startup money to Vegas!

Enter Strong and Stable.    $200 Million/year and 18 years old mean Unicity’s not going anywhere.

Tired of starting over every 3 years?  This is your deal.

With this type of stability, you don’t have shipping and warehousing problems.  Or any of the other growing pains that you typically deal with in a startup.

No crystal ball required here.   You can predict the future based on history.  Solid Management.   Solid company.  Unicity’s a long-term player.   And a long-term winner.

Ok, so Unicity’s got Pillar 1 surrounded.   Where does that put you?   Take a minute to identify yourself as a 1, 2, or 3:

1)    Thanks for the education.  I didn’t know Stewart Hughes had it going on like that! And I’m “All In” for Solid & Stable.   Count me in.  I’m ready to get started.  What’s the next step?

2)    You learn something new every day – $22 Million as a distributor?  Nice!   This is sounding very good to me.  But I still need more info. See you tomorrow for Pillar 2.

3)    I actually prefer my MLM CEOs to be novices.  As a matter of fact, the Greener the better!   Mistakes, poor judgment, and growing pains really get me going.  I’m out, T.Gray.   You can keep your Solid & Stable.

Go ahead.  Post a comment and let me know if you’re a 1, 2, or 3.   If you prefer privacy, email me at tgray@terrencedgray.com and let me know.  Of course, you can always call me directly at 347.668.9484.  Just do something.

Meet me back here tomorrow for Pillar 2 – The Products.

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