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Free Lamborghini Anyone?

Unicity’s a special company — solid and stable with 20+ years and 30 countries — but still virtually unknown — so the possibilities are ENDLESS! It’s like a new company, but with old company money!

Khun Joe built his income from less than $10K/mo to $500K/mo in just 4 years time. And for achieving Triple Crown, Unicity gave him a Lamborghini — NO LEASE …. just the KEYS & TITLE!

We’re working to create our next wave of success stories in North America, Europe, The Caribbean, and Africa. My team is one of the fastest growing and most exciting in Unicity. People who work with us, make money — and have fun doing it!

Let’s talk possibilities. 713.581.4555 or http://www.TerrenceDGray.com

(NOTE: The foregoing statements are not guarantees of income. Individual results vary based on effort. Your success will be determined by your work.)

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Creating Success – T.Gray’s Update (December 2011)

It’s been almost 2 years with Unicity, and WE’RE ROCKING! As Presidential Diamond, my business is expanding across the globe — and the number of people we’ve helped to regulate their blood sugars, lower their cholesterol & blood pressure, and lose weight is STAGGERING!


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Christmas Shopping Money!

HOW’S THIS FOR CHRISTMAS SHOPPING MONEY … People on my team made a combined $37,500 in Team Builder Bonuses for November — MONEY THAT WILL BE IN THEIR POCKETS ON DEC. 15!

Here’s the reality — PEOPLE WHO WORK WITH US MAKE MONEY! Ready to do something meaningful, satisfying … AND MAKE MONEY?  Contact me today ….

For more information about Bios Life Slim, contact T.Gray at 713.581.4555 or tgray@terrencedgray.com.
T.Gray is looking for Sharp, Opportunity-Minded Professionals who wouldn’t mind creating a powerful income stream while getting the word out about Bios Life Slim, the Make Life Better Transformation Program, and Unicity International.   No Geographic Limitations.  Serious inquiries only.   Use the contact information above, or click here to learn more about T.Gray (http://www.terrencedgray.com/tgray.html)

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Down 40 Pounds and Up $24,000!




For more information about Bios Life Slim, contact T.Gray at 713.581.4555 or tgray@terrencedgray.com.
T.Gray is looking for Sharp, Opportunity-Minded Professionals who wouldn’t mind creating a powerful income stream while getting the word out about Bios Life Slim, the Make Life Better Transformation Program, and Unicity International.   No Geographic Limitations.  Serious inquiries only.   Use the contact information above, or click here to learn more about T.Gray (http://www.terrencedgray.com/tgray.html)

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Lavern Lost Weight & Made Money!

Loving Lavern’s Bios Life Slim Testimony from the Bahamas! LOL! GO Lavern http://youtu.be/Zt4et30OJ6Y

She lost weight & joined the team … She sacrificed her Car Note/Bill Money to get started … and made roughly $10K in her first month.  (No luck.  No Magic.  Just hard work.)

Let’s talk!

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Winning: What’s it Take? – WAKE UP!

Don’t read this if you want to feel good about your job!

2 brothers get hired by villagers to carry water from the river to the village.   They get paid $1 per bucket.   And all day they go back and forth carrying buckets of water to the village.

Pablo realizes quickly that this is a grind.   His brother thinks he’s made the big time.

So Pablo WAKES UP!   He recognizes that he’ll only get paid for as long as he can haul buckets.  And already his back hurts, his hands hurt.   To make matters worse, it’s blazing HOT!  And he can’t take a break, because he gets paid by the bucket.

But what if he built a pipeline from the river to the village?  What if he get the water to just flow continually into the village and have the villagers pay him by the gallon?

His brother couldn’t see it — told him he was crazy — and poo poo’d all over his dream.

But Pablo went to work on it anyway.   When he finished his day of hauling buckets, he would put in a few hours on the pipeline.

It was hard work.   It took a long time – more than a year.   His brother laughed at him and flaunted all of bucket hauling money in Pablo’s face.

But Pablo stayed the course.   He was AWAKE.  He realized that long-term gain was worth a little short term pain.

In time, Pablo finished building the pipeline.   The villagers were ecstatic and paid him very well for every gallon that flowed.

Because he held to his vision … because he didn’t quit … now Pablo was getting paid more than any villager imagined they could every make — without lifting a finger!  He was getting paid today — and would get paid tomorrow — on YESTERDAY’S work!   Better yet — his kids and grandkids would continue to get paid on the pipeline he built long after he was gone!**

What’s it take to win in network marketing?   First you’ve gotta Wake Up!

Trading time for money is a grind.   Traditional jobs don’t pay a residual.   When you can’t work — when you can no longer haul buckets — the money stops flowing.  When your “back” and “hands” hurt … too bad, keep hauling.  And what’s in your future — more buckets!  Think about that during your next commute…

Traditional jobs are not “safe, guaranteed money” as your mother would like you to think!   If Pablo didn’t build the pipeline, he and his brother would eventually have been replaced by some younger guys who could haul more buckets — faster and for less money.  Then what?  Can you say “downsizing”, “work force reduction”, “layoffs”?

Seriously people, I like Robert Kiyosaki’s perspective — jobs are for a season.  They’re purpose is to fund your business.

So what’s it really take to WIN in network marketing?   Step 1 is you’ve gotta wake up.   You’ve gotta realize that it’s the best way for you to build a pipeline that will pay your family for generations.  After all, which would you prefer — a weekly paycheck that’s not even close to what you’re really worth? Or one of these…Thought so.   That flowing faucet is what residual income is like for those that, like Pablo, stick it out and finish the pipeline.   Nice, huh?  You REALLY need a pipeline!

Let’s kick this around some more this week.   Today was very fundamental.   Tomorrow we’ll get even more specific about what it takes to WIN and WIN BIG!

See you then!



T.Gray has been WINNING and helping others WIN in network marketing since 2004.   Better yet, his partners have been WINNING for decades.

If YOU’RE AWAKE, and you desire to build a pipeline of your own — a profitable and long-term networking business with residual income — we should talk.

Our track record is impeccable.   Our company & management team have the highest credibility.   Our products makes sense, sell big, and really work.   Our compensation plan pays aggressively — for new people.   Our system is something YOU can do — even while you work your current job or business.

Call me today so we can DESIGN your success.  347.668.9484.

Or go to www.SuccessFromHome100.com for more information.

** Special thanks to Burk Hedges for his story, the Parable of the Pipeline which I paraphrased here.   You should read the whole thing.  Buy it here http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/189127922X/bookpriceline-20/ref/


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So Simple a Caveman Can Do It — Pillar 4 (The System)

“It’s so simple anybody can do it.”

Right! How many times have we heard that in network marketing?  And when has it ever been true?  Never!

I mean, look at the results — or the lack of results, I should say.

Truth is, most companies / leaders / teams don’t really have a system.  At least not one that they can articulate.  No wonder most people can’t duplicate.

But if you really want to help people win… to create massive success in your organization … you’ve gotta have a system that the average person can plug into and get results.

It has to be something that ANYONE can do.

It CAN’T require skill or talent.

It CAN’T work better in some geographies than others.

It CAN’T require a special set of circumstances – like not working the night shift.  Or kids that don’t play soccer or football after school…

Try our system on for size:

Stay Home. Have Fun.  Make Money.  Combined with Approach – Present – 3way.

Stay home means you can build it completely from home.  No meetings necessary.  Replace meetings with High-Quality Online Videos / Conference Calls (Live & Recorded) / Sizzle Calls.

With Meetings and Home Parties optional, anybody can do it as long as they can say “Watch This” or “Listen to This”.   It doesn’t matter where they live, when they work, or how well they can present or not – everybody can find time to promote videos and calls.

(Of course, if you like home parties, do ‘em.  It’s just great knowing that you don’t have to.  You don’t have to leave your house or your family at all if you don’t want to.)

Busy professional.  Stay at home mom.  Urban or Rural.  Charismatic or Shy.  Doesn’t matter.  You can do it.

Approach – Present – 3way is about the process.

Approach: We teach a simple approach to get people in front of the videos or listening to the calls and recordings.  Essentially, “you gotta watch / hear this”.

Present: The videos, calls, and recordings do your talking for you and give a perfect presentation every time.  When and where the prospect wants to be.  And you get to maximize YOUR time.

3way: 3way phone calls seal the deal.  You leverage the experience and skill of the support team who will answer the questions, handle the objections, and close the deal for you.  Listen it enough times and YOU become the support team for your people.

Approach – Present – 3way leads to enrollments.   Only this system doesn’t require meetings and produces them from home.

“Watch this” “Listen to this” takes no time to teach or learn.  Which means it duplicates fast and it moves quick.

Now THAT’s a system.  10 words to describe it.  10 minutes to duplicate it.

That’s how we’re building at Unicity.  Combine it with the a solid company, a strong product story, and an aggressive comp plan – and it explains our explosion.  It explains why we’ve had over 200 people literally earn thousands in their first month.

Call me.  I’ll share the thinking behind the system and why it all works together so well.  347-668-9484.  No hype.  Just facts.  Call today.

[4 Down. 1 to go.  That was Pillar 4 of a 5 Pillars discussion of Unicity International.   New to the 5 Pillars game?  Well, we’ve each got a job here.  I’ll get the truth out.  Your job is to check back each day and take 5 minutes to read the Pillar of the day.   Then identify yourself at the end with a 1, 2, or 3.  What’s that?

1 – You’re right, T.Gray – that’s a solid yet simple system.  That’ll move fast.  So will I.  Sign me up!

2- You guys are keeping up with the times! I like it!  But I want to go the distance and read Pillar 5 before signing up.

3- Systems are over-rated.  Who needs ‘em?!  I like it when only the charismatic people who live in a city with a meeting make money and everyone else suffers.  No way, T.Gray.  I’m out.

Just post a comment to this blog with your status (1, 2, or 3).  Or reply to the email I sent you if that’s how you got here.  Either way, I’ll get back to all of you 1s and 2s.  If you’re a 3, thanks for listening…

See you tomorrow with Pillar 5 – The Team]


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Is there Life AFTER Friends & Family?

You’ve been trying this for a while.   You’ve been in company after company.   Opportunity after opportunity.  Why not?  They all sound sooooo good.  So promising.  So easy.  So lucrative.
Except, you’ve never made any real money.   And each time, you take the deal to your mom, dad, brother, sister, cousin, neighbors, co-workers, church members, former classmates, and the dry cleaning lady.    Now, when they see you coming — they scram!   You don’t even get invited to the family reunion anymore!  And you’ve been written up at work!
So how will you build your dream now?
Everywhere in the industry people are scratching their heads and wondering how they’ll continue to build their business after they run out of friends, family, and other warm market contacts.

But not here.  Not on THIS team!

Here we’ve got The Magic.  The Power.   The Ability to generate Qualified Leads for you and your business.   To actually Give You — For FREE — access to prospects that have contacted us asking for more information about what we’re doing.

And that’s very special.   Because it means that, on this team, you’ll never run out. You’ll never have to wonder if you can keep growing your business.  Because we’ll help you.  We’ll give you people to talk to.

I mean, seriously.  Could you share the opportunity with someone who WANTS to find out more about it?  C’mon.  That’s a lay-up!  And we’re sharing qualified leads just like that with our team — TODAY!

Leads like these are easily worth $3 to $10 apiece.  But these leads will cost you nothing.   All you have to do is demonstrate that you’re serious about your business.   And we’ll even help you do it.

Our marketing campaigns produce some high quality leads.   And when YOU get those leads, you experience a special blessing.  A gift.  I call it Extended Play — Life after Warm Market!

To experience Life After Friends & Family — and extend your reach to the world — contact me directly at 347-668-9484.   Or email me at tgray@terrencedgray.com.

Welcome to the Big Leagues!

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The People Vote “YES” for “NO Meetings!”

Ok.  So I’ve been kinda quiet the past few days.  Why?


You won’t believe how fast our team is growing.   I mean, we’ve got people doing things like enrolling 6 people in 2 days,  doubling and tripling their volume…   Heck!  Last month, even had one team member grow their volume by almost 3,000 percent!

So what’s behind the explosion?   Why are we growing so fast?  Why are new people who’ve never made money in network marketing and home-based business doing so well all of a sudden?

It’s our System!

I knew this “NO Meeting – NO Presentations” thing was a brilliant idea.  In today’s reality, people are just too busy for all of the meetings that have traditionally been the stuff of network marketing.   Seriously, who wants to give up Thursday nights and Saturday mornings for the next 3 years?

I mean, that’s just not how we process information in today’s world.  Just think, the last time you wanted information about something — a company, a product, an event — what did you do?  Where did you go?  The Internet!   That’s how we learn and make decisions about everything.

And that’s what people are loving about our system.  Instead of dragging our friends and family to a mid-week hotel meeting, or a flash and dash meeting in someone’s living room, we send them to watch our company’s Award-Winning videos online.   No need to impress them with our fancy homes, cars, or clothes — we’re letting the facts speak for themselves.

And our videos give A PERFECT PRESENTATION EVERY TIME!  They do your talking for you — so you don’t have to pitch your friends, family and associates.  So they can rewind and fast forward and watch it again.  So they can get a presentation at a time that works for THEM!

While they’re viewing our online presentations, YOU ARE LIVING YOUR LIFE!  Playing with the kids.  Making dinner.  Catching up on the scores.  Now THIS is Home-Based Business at it’s finest.

And it works!   Our new people are getting into the game and on the scoreboard faster than anywhere else.  Because all they have to learn to say is “You’ve Gotta Watch These Videos!”

It’s just that simple.  And it works.

Ready to make some extra hundreds, thousands, or more — and really do it from home?  On YOUR terms?

Contact me right away at 347-668-9484 or tgray@terrencedgray.com.  One of our top leaders or I will get back to you right away.

For more information in the meantime, go to www.tgray.weebly.com

We’re WINNING!  Now it’s YOUR TURN!

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6 Enrollments in 2 Days!

Congratulations to Jason Ferrell for kicking off April by enrolling 6 people in 2 Days!   (1 Manager, 3 Junior Managers, and 2 Basic Levels).  Here’s what Jason has to say about it:


T, thanks for everything you have done.  I have not had this much fun in a long time, if not ever.  You were right, the very 1st person I got to watch the videos joined the team so I knew the System worked.  Everytime I had someone watch the ResultsWithSlim video I got such a positive response, it was amazing so I knew the Products worked.  So finally after really understanding the 5 Pillars, I knew we had something Special here.  This took a few weeks but better late than never, right?

When I finally realized what I had my hands on, I knew that I had to tell the Closest people to me about this Opportunity.  I was very stressed and hesitant to tell them until I knew that this System worked.  These friends of mine have been in other companies and even worked with me in the same companies, so you know how hard it was at first to tell them.  Well I told them, and they watched the Videos and they all saw what I saw in this Company and now I have the people that I care about the most with the Unicity family.

I could have never talked to them if I wasn’t confident in the System, and I am because the System works!  And they haven’t been this excited in a long time. Then T, when I got my 1st check for doing next to nothing my first 8 days in the business, I really got Excited.  And definitely couldn’t have done it without You, and everyone else, Dave & Sam, Jim, and Rick. Thanks for Believing in me.

Keep pushing Jason!  Your April is off to a great start.   Now drive it home!  We’re here to help you every step of the way!


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